by Ross Belfer | 26.01.15

Cinematic references; a story told while unraveling through a slow, winter buzz. On a clear day in the Ajami neighborhood of Yafo, swaths of light paint the staccato and bold-colored houses while decoratively unkempt fauna (and reflections of) compliment each dirt & gravel passageway.

A visit to Ajami needn’t take much thought or practice. Walking west on Yehuda Hayamit Street – head uphill and swing a left onto HaDolphin, and simply walk straight. Onwards, arrive onto Kedem Street, a slice of sea-drenched pie abound with sweeping views of the Mediterranean, Ottoman and Eclectic architecture-style buildings and vibrant street scenes. Wander westward throughout the clandestine allyways and eventually land on Jaffa’s southernmost beachfront, a local gem removed from Tel Aviv’s chain hotels and crowds.

When taking one’s time, an oddly serene essence can be inhaled and embraced along each and every narrow corner of this authentic patch of Yafo. A visual depiction, like any good film, can best tell the tale of today. This was my experience in Ajami. What was yours?

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