by Ross Belfer | 12.04.15


Blistering, synth-drenched melodies, curvaceous bass undertones and hard-hitting drum patterns all wrapped into a combustible hip-hop package perfectly suitable for the dance floor (or a hot-boxed bedroom). It’s hard to believe the tunes behind Tel Aviv-based musical producer Lava Dome are those created by 18-year-old Eden Levy. A young squire of sorts, Lava Dome is ahead of his time: a forward-thinking musical artist yielding light-beams of promise and potential with a new age hip-hop sound that’s not quite easily describable (but I will do my best).

Like any true millennial, I first learned of Lava Dome via the internet with various circulations of his work with Rome Fortune. Two-thirds The Neptunes, one-part Flying Lotus, a dash of early Kanye and a pinch of Dilla comprises the musical stew offered by Chef Lava Dome in his hip-hop kitchen.


Already making waves in the international spotlight, the work of Lava Dome has been featured on Gilles Petersen’s acclaimed BBC Radio 1 radio program, and spat upon by the MC Rome Fortune.

I took some time to hang with the young producer around town, embracing Dome’s motto of “living independent and really well to a point where I don’t really need to grow up.”


After hearing some unreleased tracks and whispers of an upcoming release with a major MC, there’s no denying that Lava Dome is a quintessential soothsayer in Tel Aviv’s musical stratosphere. Poke your head out of the water and catch said new tracks by Lava Dome slated to drop soon on an internet (or dance floor) near you.





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