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Mr. Teddy Cohen:

An anomaly of sorts, Teddy Cohen is the guy you always see around town, but never wonder why. Gravity-defying grins of pleasure (both from others and from self) stem from the digital handler’s iPhone photography capabilities, landing him a spot on every top Instagrammer’s wish list for Tel Aviv.

But there’s much more to everyone’s favorite Teddy Cohen than meets the eye. What most aren’t aware of are the ageless graphic design, branding and visual languages Mr. Cohen creates for some of Israel’s most influential agencies, companies and brands, defying simplicity with a touch of contemporist class in down-right tasteful style only a pre-millenial stuck in time could imagine. If you are a true Tel Avivian, chances are you’ve seen Teddy’s work in a magazine, computer screen, gallery, business card or even billboard just yesterday (and likely tomorrow as well).

Depriving you of the obvious charm and self-certainty possessed by Teddy Cohen, I leave you, below, with a sampling of the no-DSL/no-film fanatic’s top Instagram samplings, with room to breath and space to wonder what will come next for @TeddyCo. Only time will tell…..

Gordon beach_Tel Aviv Israel_Teddy Cohen



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