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by Ross Belfer | 31.12.15

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If you’ve been to Tel Aviv at any point over the past three years, you would have likely noticed the graffiti-laced, derelict Bauhaus edifice at the top of Nahalat Binyamin Street undergoing a major transformation. No, you aren’t dreaming (or tripping on hallucinogens); but you have just become witness to one of the most impressive and influential restoration projects in Tel Aviv to date.

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Designed in 1937 by Shlomo Liaskowski and originally coined the Polishuk House, which served as a button factory, the forthcoming “The Poli House” is an innovative and forward-thinking urban resort design by world-renowned industrial designer/architect Karim Rashid, and resembling a space-age vessel transported from the planet Bauhaus and which gently docked on the crossroads of Tel Aviv’s gritty-chic center on the historic Magen David Square. The Poli House harnesses the essence of Tel Aviv past and present while embracing a contemporary and futuristic style of hospitality, guaranteed to wet the palette of the playful guest, a niche of the hospitality landscape that until now has been left untouched. Award-winning Israeli architect Nitza Smuck is the brain behind the project’s meticulous restoration process attuned to the highest level of preservation. The Poli House is slated to open in February/March 2016. 1 Nahalat Binyamin Street.

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Inside the property, guests will be treated to lush stays in one of 40-city-savvy rooms and suites created exclusively by world-renowned designer and starchitect Karim Rashid. In a soft swirling of warm yellow, blue, green and white interiors, Karim Rashid’s futuristic aesthetic bubbles with a whimsical mèlange throughout the property. For a distinctly Tel Aviv experience, The Poli House will allow visitors to sip on a cocktail atop the panoramic roof while homegrown DJs fill the air with soulful beats, plunge into the rooftop pool, indulge at the sunbathing lounge, to exhale during spa treatments, and for a bite to eat at the also-renovating Loveat cafe where breakfast is served on the daily.

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Photos by Karim Rashid studio


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