Eternal Return

by Ross Belfer | 07.06.16

Contemporary by Golconda, the pioneering contemporary art gallery in south Tel Aviv, is currently showcasing a monumental realist art exhibition by two of Israel’s most prolific fine artists — painter David Nipo and sculptor Eran Webber — entitled Eternal Return, open now through August 2016.

While the art world tends to frequently invalidate the realist trend, complaining of repetition, superficiality and lack of sophistication, the realist trend hasn’t passed on – it keeps returning, has strengthened, and continues to attract new viewers, researchers and collectors. Eternal Return is a testament to the longevity and cultural significance of realism with the genius skill of Nipo’s painting and Webber’s iconic sculpture, both of which are fraught with political and social messages that are more subtle and hidden than in contemporary trends.



One of the hallmarks of Nipo’s repertoire is his unparalleled use of light in paintings of previous works with oil and now with pastel on processed paper. In Fields in the Rain, Western Negev (2016) he captures the stunning scenery of green fields on a winter day, reflecting the precise sensation of the Israeli season. Oranges (2015), also masters precision of light and texture in Nipo’s take on the classic still life despite the blending and blurring qualities of pastel colors.

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The young and talented sculptor Eran Webber, studied and taught at the Florence Academy of Art and the Academia di Belle Arte, where he finished his studies with honors. Webber has participated in many exhibitions in Europe and the USA. This is his first exhibition in Israel. Webber’s bronze sculptures merge the living model with the artist’s narrative. Without one, the other doesn’t exist. According to Webber, he feels an obligation “to seep under the model’s skin, both in the physical and emotional sense,” in order to understand the source of form and power that drives them. His works deal with the complexity of life in the modern world.

Eran Webber_Synopsis_2012_Bronze_60 x 40 x 27 cm

Synopsis (2012), a bronze cast sculpture which took six months to create, expresses the reflection of the slow pace. The piece is anything but abstract and invites the viewer in to the figure of an independent woman uninfluenced by time. Samson’s Choice (2012), revolves around the self-destruction inherent in many of us and Israel as a nation. The relevance of the Biblical tale of Samson dying and asking God to grant him the power for one last move on the Philistines, a move which will also cause his own demise.

As a compliment to the Eternal Return exhibition, Contemporary by Golconda is also hosting Yoni Danziger’s series Silence of the Butterfly, which started three years ago as research on symmetry facing asymmetry and evolved to the fascinating metamorphosis world of the butterfly that throughout history and numerous cultures symbolized the human being. The gallery will host a talk with Danzinger himself and the gallery’s owner, Dr. Ronald Fuhrer, on Saturday, June 18 at 12:00 PM. For more information, visit













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